Rapid Content Wizard – Does It Make Content Creation Better?

Online marketers and webmasters are always on the lookout for spinners and rewriter tools to make content creation easier for them. The Rapid Content Wizard has newly been launched in the market and is billed as the perfect solution for such people who need content creation in bulk. The question is, whether or not the app is able for the job or it is mere hogwash to con people of their hard earned money – just like so many other apps that promise the moon and hand over nothing but dirt. This Rapid Content Wizard Review helps you find out the truth behind the hype.

The Performance

To tell the truth, the app works real fine. Even laymen with little technical knowledge or previous skills in handling apps will be able to use the software for content creation. As far as the interface and understandability goes, it is a perfect product. The user-friendly interface and slider tool gives you perfect control over content generation. From posting articles instantly on various platforms to scheduling them and even integrating them with images, videos and products, the software handles it all with ease.

The Good

The software makes content creation perfect with its built-in word processor, CopyScape feature and two spinner apps – the Best Spinner and the Spin Rewriter tools which address the spelling and grammar issues, plagiarism problems and originality issues with flair. It is able to give you 90-100% unique content with a few spins and the availability of CopyScape allows you to ensure that the originality is nothing less than 100%. The program helps you with a drag and drop interface which helps you with all steps of the process. You can easily publish the posts to your WordPress blogs and websites and Facebook account.

The Bad

The app for content creation is not too different from conventional rewriters on the readability front. You have to do some manual editing and arrange the content snippets in proper form to make them readable and logical in sequence. Where the program actually helps is in finding content and assimilating them all at one place, thus saving a lot of time for you. Then, the lack of a good support staff takes the app down by a few notches. There is no immediate support and once you place a technical or some other query, it takes days to get answered.

Is It a Good Choice?

This Rapid Content Wizard Review gives its thumbs up to this product. While the program comes with its fair share of issues, it works to a major extent and you will find your content creation much easier with the built-in features and performance. The product has been created by Alan Brown and Sean Donahoe, the internet marketer who worked with Warrior Forum (WF). Naturally, the app comes with a solid background and is perfect for online marketers who are continuously on the lookout for excellent applications that generate bulk content. With this program, possibilities are endless and one hopes that the makers concentrate on improving the support feature.